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    Lightbulb S4 Output setup

    I am new to the S4 I am still learning it I just ordered my Traktor Bible and just received the tutorial from DJTT

    I wanted to ask how do you all have your outputs setup

    Like I said I am new I have mine in my home setup through the RCA's

    I have to play music at a function in two weeks and they want me to plug into there existing sound

    thank God its nothing major its just playing continuous music, which is great since I am new I wont look like a fool trying to perform with effects...

    I see there is Midi outs and TRS connections if I use these and that's what the place wants me to use do I have to adjust anything in my Traktor settings?

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    You will use either the rca's or the TRS. You will want to change the output to mono in preferences (same place you select main and monitor) as very few people will be in the sweet spot for stereo output.

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