For the RGAS in all of us, hope this video helps
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    Default For the RGAS in all of us, hope this video helps

    Stumbled upon this guys video and thought the advice was really useful. Also I'm not sure if its this video or another one that he's done, but another awesome tip he had is to read the manual of any piece of gear/software you are thinking about BEFORE you purchase it. This will help determine if it's really going to fit your workflow and help give you a better understanding of how it will work.

    As an example while some people may be driven by the hype to buy an F1 because it's new. Even if they don't like the remix decks they figure they can just use it as a normal deck controller for Traktor. The truth is this person would probably get tighter control and usage from an X1. Wish I would've found these video's before some of my RGAS purchases haha.

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    Pretty much sums things up- my gear acquisition used to be all over the place and I would buy it because of gear lust without actually having much need. Now I am very methodical and deliberate with my purchases and only buy tuff that will really add something- pretty much why I couldn't care less about the F1 or really any new DJ controllers these days.

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    vespers is awesome..... he has alot of great advice on everything from making a good chai tea to establishing effecient workflows etc... great dude
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    good points, I change my gear alot, but I am a curious person and I like to test "new" equipment (it doesn't need to be new to the market, just new to me). And that's why I find alot of my stuff second hand.
    I do hell lot of reasearch and find out if I can sell the item later for atleast the same money i gave or more and so far it's been a sucess.
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