Akai MPD24 with Midi Cables
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    Default Akai MPD24 with Midi Cables

    Recently my MPD24 started crashing my PC when plugged in to the USB port.

    so...i got the big idea to get some midi cables and an ac adapter to avoid having to use USB. i seem to be having a difficult time finding just HOW to do this.

    everywhere i search, including the manual, is extremely vague about this option. currently i have the midi cables going from my MPD24 to my Fast Track Pro. They're in the right ports for each device.

    am i even doing this right? can someone help me with this? When searching for Midi Controllers in the options for my software (Traktor Pro 2, FLStudio, etc) they do not recognize my MPD.

    your expertise is appreciated.
    thank you
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