Any own a DJ shop?
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    Default Any own a DJ shop?

    So I've been a long time DJ and work part time at out SMALL local music store selling guitars, amps. PA's, etc. By small, I mean our whole county is 150,000 people.

    We decided to start buying DJ / production gear and I have been giving the task of finding suppliers and picking out gear. Sounds great, but the problem I have run into is that most company's have a gigantic initial buy in to carry their products. For example, we sold Stanton gear, but after Gibson bought them out, we now need to place a $24,000 order to carry Stanton instead of $1500. Numark is close to the same, as is pioneer.

    My question is this: Do any of you run a small DJ shop? What are great brands to carry without the huge initial buy in? Right now all we carry is Behringer, Mackie, and a few Korg products. DJ-Tech is a possibility but I have no idea about their build quality. Any bright ideas?

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    I'd stick with native instruments, pioneer, denon, and numark. Those are the most recognized and reliable names as far as controllers/mixers go. Probably the most worthwhile if all the buy ins are relatively the same price as well.

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    do those companies have a distributor? Or can you find a distributor instead of going direct? That was you can make one off orders, or slightly larger orders without going full buy in and being an official vendor? It will likely be more expensive then getting it direct but you won't have the initial buy in.

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