Midi Fighter Pro Cue Master, Traktor, Mapping LED outs
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    Default Midi Fighter Pro Cue Master, Traktor, Mapping LED outs

    I'm working on mapping the LEDs of my midi fighter pro (cue master). I have the 4x4 grid mapped to cue points 1-8 for both deck A & B, and I want to map the LEDs to tell me whether or not I have a cue point set for cue 1 or cue 5 and cue 7 for example. So far it's working, I've mapped hotcue2 state To the right button, the controller range is set to 0 and 1 midi range 0 to 127, neither invert or bend is checked and it recognizes the type of controller as LED and the interaction mode is set to Output and this is assigned all assigned to deck A. Everything works perfectly till I change the track, for instance if the deck is paused and I load a song that has cue 2 set, it immediately begins playing from that cue point as if I was holding the cue or cup button. I'm not sure what would be causing this! Any help is appreciated

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    Bump, this would pretty useful to me if you figure it out

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    don't see how those "out" controls are creating that effect. so if u actually stop the track, load a new one into the same deck it automatically starts playing from the cue u set in the previous track? doesn't make much sense to me. the way u are mapping the out's seems fine anyway - no need to worry too much about the controller range unless u *only* want normal cue's to light up and not loops etc too.
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