Dont know if someone already posted something like this, but here is a go!

What are advanced modifiers in my opinion?

Everybody knows what a simple modifier setting is, by pressing a modifier button it changes the button meaning of the selected button. Now lets try
to advance, that you can setup whole modes with modifiers and macros, wich means we wont use a single button to trigger a modifier, but more buttons and also the button will always have a function other that the modifier,so lets make a simple demonstration.
Lets say i want a #play# mode, and a #looking for music mode#. What we do is map:

the up and down button (sets say of the VCI 100) to:
up or down scroll list
layout view 2d browse
and modifier M1=1
if you made it for the up button do the same for the down button just choose down scroll list.
so now we entered serch mode.

now you can map:
your right joog to do the up down on your scroll list, and maybe your left joog to scroll true the folders. Both have to have the modifier conditionM1=1
now that you found the song, you want to load it. You can use your play button to do that.
so you map your play button to, lest say the right one to do :

load track to B deck
layout viev to full 2D view
and modifier M1=2
do the same to the left play button just choose load deck A.
So when pressing the play button the track loads and you exit the search mode and enter the play mode.
Be carefull to set your play button to play the track with condition M1=2 for both decks!!!!
So the idea is not to have a single button to trigger the modifier but more buttons,(up down, left or right) so the modifiers run in the background with help of macros.

You can map more stuff what you want to do in so called play and search mode its just an example. You can do a loop mode where when you pres a loop you enter "loop" mode the you can change the lenght of the loops with the joog.

The way we mapped it, the problem is that modifier is on startup set to 0 so you need to press a button up or down to start working but only the firs time(but what do you do to when start traktor of course loading a track).
That can be avoided by using the modifier with values 0 and 1 but in more complex modifiing i rather use whole values.
Hope you can understand what i meant.

Lets see another example with the efx an some real multi macros.
Firs of all let me explain something. i run a three deck setup.i reaaaaly dont need three efx on all my chanells i dont want to push the on off buttons for the efx, i need a simple one knob to get a efx to the chanell i want, so i came up with an idea.

Lets say we have the FX2 unit set to chained and we have 4 knobs and 4 buttons(we only need 3) to use. what we wanna do is, if i press the first button i select first of the chained efx, the second button will chose the second of the chained efx and the third the third(That means map: first button M2=1, second button M2=2, third M2=3).
So now if i press the first button ,the first efx of the three is selected, now if i move the first knob it will(you have to map this):
turn on Fx2 on chanel 1
turn off FX2 on chanel 2 & 3
it will turn on the efx1 on button
move the fx1 knob
and move the dry and wet knob. so the efx will be heard on Deck A only!

for the second knob we choose
turn on Fx2 on chanel 2
turn off FX2 on chanel 1 & 3
it will turn on the efx1 on button
and move the fx1 knob
move the dry and wet knob. so the efx will be heard on Deck B only!

for the third knob we chose:
turn on Fx2 on channel 3
turn off FX2 on channel 2 & 1
it will turn on the efx1 on button
and move the fx1 knob
move the dry and wet know. so the efx will be heard on Deck C only!

all the setting need to have the condition M2=1 which is chosen by the first button. so first button makes the M2=1( the second button M2=2 the third M2=3)
So basicly the first knob makes the efx1 routed to channel A, the second to B and the third to C. +with dry wet the same time

Now we map the second button to modifier M2=2.
and then map the first knob to.
turn on Fx2 on channel 1
turn off FX2 on channel 2 & 3
it will turn on the efx 2 on button
and move the fx2 knob
move the dry and wet knob.

with the condition M2=2
same for the second and third knob just with others on off efx on different channels.

same for the third knob, u should get the idea by now.

But no thats no enough. Maybe some times you want to control the dry wet yourself, this is where the fourth knob comes into play
mapp the fort knob to dry wet + a moddifier lets say M3=1
now you need to add another condition to all the previous dry wet maps with condition M3=0.
so now if i move the forth knob before any of the three, the one will control the dry wet, while the other 3 will only control the fx control.

There you have it a good efx mapping for in my case the xone 1d!
Again for this to work you need to press one of the three buttons the first time. then its ok.

I hope that this will help someone. If i maybe missed something just ask, or if something is not described good enough just ask. As for the first i reaaly think this is the power of modifiers so tell me what u think )) Sry for my english btw!

Lp Denis