Traktor Kontrol S4
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    Cool Traktor Kontrol S4

    Hi guys,

    First time poster so please be gentle!

    I'm currently looking to reinvest in some decks. I've heard on the street that the S4 is a pretty cool little device that can do most things I need it to.. however from reviewing most of the posts is this worth the buy as there seems to be lots of complaints and such.

    My other option is either a Xone 4d (Ideally steering towards) or 2x CDJ850k's and a DJM700 mixer.

    Any help is appreiciated.
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    I'd go with CDJ's, they're are industry standard, so if you learn how to use them well you will be able to play out in almost any place by just bringing your USB.

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    When the S4 came out, there re a ton of software bugs. Nowadays, most have been ironed out, and it's a more than capable piece of kit. However, if you have the money for it, I'd go for the CDJs if that's what you'd prefer-just keep in mind that the price difference will be huge (and don't settle for anything under the CDJ-800 mk3).

    Edit: didn't see you mentioned the 850s, those would be worth the price. Buying used can save you a lot of cash as well!
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