VCI 100 Mk2 --- Pros / Cons ??
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    Default VCI 100 Mk2 --- Pros / Cons ??

    Hi Eveyone,

    Anyone uses who uses the VCI 100MK2 ?
    I am looking to buy one, but would appreciate some comments from DJs who use it regurarly.

    I was opting for the Native S2, however I like Vestax plus the vci is cheaper than the S2.
    Does it work ok with Traktor ?


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    hello,its been 3 months but i will reply anyway,
    i use the vestax vci 100 mk2 for about 4 months now and i am very pleased with it
    it works perfect on traktor as its bundled with traktor le

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    it's good though! solid build! I just release a testing version of vci100mk2 jog fx in midimap page.

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