Best software to record video AND audio ?
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    Default Best software to record video AND audio ?

    Im looking for recommendations of what is the best software to record a video with audio from my controller

    the 1st attempt i made was record the video using webcam software and mute the webcams speakers then record the audio in serato itch and try to sync them

    problem was thatthe video frame rate was out so the audio and video was out of sync i kind of got it close byt changing the video frame rate but it was 2 hours of editing and messing around for a 5 mins vid

    so im looking for a better soloution so i can just plug my mixers output what has my twitch running through it into my pc and record both audio from the audio input on the pc and the video from the webcam

    any ideas appreciated

    Big up

    p.s heres a link to my vid

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    I have a channel on Blogtv, one of the functions is the recording of the broadcast. The free account option allows 10min recording or the Pro account allows 30mins high quality recording. I have the record out on my mixer going to the line in on pc and use the webcam with the mic muted. Another option is to use the same set up with your webcam recording software if you have it and set the input on the software to line in, this will allow for recordings of any length.

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