Time to re-big up the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers.
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    Default Time to re-big up the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers.

    In 2008 I needed some new computer speakers and I was stuck out in the arse end of Ohio surrounded by nothing but Ford F-150s, Bob Evans restaurants and church signs telling me bad things were going to happen to me becuase I was doing bad things. I trudged off the local Best Buy and picked up a set of these Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers.

    They were the typical "computer" speaker setup with a sub-bass unit and a couple smaller speakers. They sounded bloody brilliant for the $100 I paid for them. More than enough girth for any home office and probably many living rooms. Tight bass, a crisp high end and that's about as technical as I am going to get.

    About 8 months ago I picked up a set of KRK 5s in order to get a more "accurate" response from my music. I knew to expect a flatter sound but truth be told, I almost put the KRKs back in their box and send them back when I started to listen to them. It sounded like a recently divorced, and highly depressed mustard and grimace flan sandwich had taken up tenancy in my ear canals.

    Over the last 8 months I have learned to better appreciate the KRK 5ís and they will remain part of the SmiTTTen family home. They will certainly get upgraded in the future but for now they are safe. Anyway, over this period the Klipsch speakers have been just hanging out at the top of stairs doing little of anything. Well, until last night. I changed the office setup a bit and decided to bring them back into the equation for listening to music when I work.

    Well f&ck a large and undeniably terrifying duck if they arenít still the business! Bright and cheerful like a coke-fuelled cub scout servicing Mrs. Robinsonís front lawn during bob-a-job week. I really love these speakers!!!!!

    Whatís the point of this post? 1) itís an opportunity for me to procrastinate from doing the work I need to do. 2) this is a message to those of you that arenít sure if you need ďproper monitorsĒ. Unless you are up to some serious business that requires a certain level of musical fidelity Ė get speakers that deliver a great sound, and allow you to really enjoy the tunes you are playing. 3) If you havenít checked out Klipschís gear Ė do it! Their stuff is very good and at a very reasonable price. I also have the S4 inner ear earphones and LOVE them for their naughty bass hype.

    That is all. Carry on...
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    Init, had a similar experience with their igroove hg iPod dock. The sound ha comes out of he thing for its size is unbelievable!
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    +1 for Klipsch. I have both their iPod dock and a 5.1 system in my living room, and they are some of the nicest sounding speakers I've ever been graced to hear. I use my Bose system as monitoring when practicing in the bedroom, but I know what it'll be replaced with if it goes out!
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    Yeah Klipsch makes good speakers. My home theatre setup has floorstanding Klipsch KSF 10.5 and they sound great. Plenty of bass but I actually use a Polk subwoofer to filter most of it out and turn it down so that my neighbors don't get pitchforks. I also have the iGroove ipod dock and as far as ipod docks go it's fantastic. Don't know the Pro Media speakers but I don't doubt they sound great.
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    I've got my eye on a set of home theatre speakers from them, for a brand you can get at best buy they are quite good.

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