What best for me? Hearing protection
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    Default What best for me? Hearing protection

    I know there are a few threads on this but i was just wondering if anyone could advise me on what model of ear-protection to get.


    I work in a nightclub 4 Nights a week
    I dj using hdj200, probably DJ twice a week
    And i regularly attend Dj sets E.g Skrillex (twice a month)

    I was going to go for the
    ACS PRO 27 as i think they offer the most protection yet in the description it says the ACS PRO 17 are popular with DJs

    Help me please
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    I've bought 15dB filters for my custom earplugs, as I felt any higher would hinder my performance. It may be doable, but imo 15dB is enough for a DJ unless you use ridiculously loud monitors. Never had my ears buzzing after a gig, and in busy times I spin 3 days a week for about 7 hours straight, so I guess that's pretty close to a worst case scenario for ones ears.

    Edit: that means I recommend going for the 17 series.
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    15dB should be fine for DJing, but for attending big parties/festivals I found out the hard way (my tinnitus got louder) that you need more protection...
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