Problems with USB dropping - VCI-100MK2 + NI Audio2DJ
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    Default Problems with USB dropping - VCI-100MK2 + NI Audio2DJ

    Played my first gig on the weekend, once I got it all going it was great, however I lost about 15 mins of my set as I'd returned back to my gear and nothing was working...

    I'm using

    Vestax VCI-100MK2
    NI Audio2DJ
    Generic Lenovo laptop + Traktor

    Pretty sure the laptop is to blame...

    Basically I had the controller running off external power, as this solved an issue I experienced at home where if the controller was unplugged, it wouldn't always come back again after replugging. The Laptop has also had problems getting the controller to power up 100% using USB, it would be fine if the controller was already plugged in before turning on the Laptop, but if it us plugged in with the OS already running, it doesn't always come up properly. (lights come on, but it doesn't get to the point where if you touch the platter the LEDs go red, this is the stage where Traktor actually starts to take input from the controller)

    Didn't make a difference.

    (Note that the power supply was given to me with the controller, however it is not the correct spec
    Controller states 7.5v 1AMP, the PSU I have is 7.5v 2AMP)

    I got up on stage 5 mins or so before my set, my controller was not recognised by Traktor, and my laptop started throwing "USB device not recognised" errors. The Audio2DJ also seemed to have dropped out, and due to many unplug/replugs, Traktor seemed to have lost the audio routing settings.

    Unfortunately due to being under pressure I started to panic, and didn't troubleshoot as well as I could have. In the end I had to reboot, replug everything a few times, and setup the audio routing settings in Traktor for my Audio2DJ again.

    I can only assume at this point in time that the laptop is the cause of the issues, as I don't believe the USB ports are providing sufficient power (didn't think this would matter as the Audio2DJ has never dropped before, and the controller was externally powered this time). Very annoying as I set my gear up on stage earlier in the night, tested everything, and it was all good.

    Could generic/yumcha usb cables be the problem? The cables I'm using were supplied with the VCI-100MK2, and Audio2DJ

    Naturally the exact situation I faced was not one that I had experienced in practice

    Luckily once everything was working, I had a ton of fun, and it was a great experience, but I would love to know for certain where everything is going wrong, so I can avoid this in future.

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    counting down before someone tells you to get a mac... sigh

    honestly... spend 275 and get a Dell D830 w/4gb of mem. and win7. Done!


    1 - Check your power settings in Win7 and in your BIOS. ALSO, check your laptop's power adapter, laptops will sometimes shut off USB port power to preserve battery. If your power supply is faulty, you could be running on battery power and not realize it.

    2 - Check all USB cables, and TEST TEST TEST!.

    3 - Failing that, I'd test external gear on another computer.

    4 - If you know someone with the same gear, test it on your computer (although I'd probably skip this step, cuz I don't usually know anyone with the same gear)

    5 - Backup your data, DBAN the drive, Reset the BIOS to factory defaults, and fresh install Win7. (Since this is no big deal for i've reinstalled Win7 many times, this is my go-to fix...I find it consumes a lot less time than troubleshooting sometimes. think of it as Spring cleaning!)

    Failing all the above... get a refurb Dell D830 for less than $300 (a rock solid laptop that runs Traktor no problem, OR cave and spend a boatload on a Mac because they "just work".
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