Kontrol X1 Registration?
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    Default Kontrol X1 Registration?

    I recently bought an X1, and was given 2 serial numbers, 1 for Traktor LE2 and 1 for the hardware, and when i attempted to register it as a piece of hardware on the NI website i was told that i had to register it as a hardware/software item in the service centre. However, I have Traktor Scratch Duo, and was looking to register only the hardware but not the software, if that is possible, as I dont want to have to 'downgrade' to LE until 2.5 comes out? I want to ensure that i get the free upgrade to Traktor Scratch 2.5, but I'm not sure of how to proceed.

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    you have to register the serial number on the bottom of the x1 under the hardware section of NI.

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