Beat Grid on Tracks With Changing Tempo
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    Default Beat Grid on Tracks With Changing Tempo

    Ok so I have been trying to figure this out for some time now, how do I beatgrid tracks with a change in tempo, for example Knife Party's Remix of Unison, the beginning starts out at 128 BPM and then after the breakdown changes to 110. How do I beatgrid this song, I have been working on it for quite some time now and just cannot figure it out. Thank You guys

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    as of right now, there is now way to implement two different beatgrids in a song. i just write a comment in the track where it say what the different tempos are.
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    The simple answer is that you can't I'm afraid. The best you can do is work out the 2 BPMs accurately by regridding on each tempo, then note them in the song comments. Kinda like in this video, but it'll be easier since the different BPMs will be syncopated rather than a live drummer.

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    Correct. This is not yet possible. It's easy enough to just label the tempos and refer to those when mixing.

    Another option you have is to just edit the song into the two different tracks.

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    Use loops, as in the above video - set a loop in the beginning at 128 for your mix-in point, grid it there and save the loop. Then when you grid the end of the song for another loop at 110, your first grid will be destroyed, but your loop will stay where it is. Just mix using the loops.

    I'm sure this functionality is coming right up in the next version of traktor.

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    hi guys i fallow the steps you show on this tutorial whit this song
    "Como Baila-Fausto messina" i match the grid but farther the song get
    messy again whit the tick, can you tell me what i am doing wrong. and it
    happens whit other songs, thanks you gays i appreciate your comments, i play whit technics 1210mk2 and i use traktor scratch pro 2 and i am learning played harmonic set so this tool is so useful

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