Traktor 2 analyze issues when switching hard drives
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    Default Traktor 2 analyze issues when switching hard drives

    To be honest i haven't checked the NI forums for a possible solution but thought i'd post my unique issue here since this is a more honest and overall better forum.

    So i run everything off of an external drive. No issues there, well i ended up making a carbon backup of my drive and now the new drive is being used in Traktor. Here's the issue

    I've had to reanalyze all my music, that wouldn't be a big pain if thats all it took but thats not the case.
    It appears that even though i select all to analyze it doesn't. It only really analyzed when i load the track on the playing deck. This causes me problems during playing out because it takes a while to write the tag, especially mp4 tags. I have the newest 15inch macbook pro with 8g of ram so processing is not the issue. It takes a while to analyze and sometimes freezes the audio for 3-5seconds while playing out live..

    Side notes - A lot of my music has been tagged with all cue points beat grid and locked. Those tags are still in place but the ones that aren't locked.. when it reanalyzes it, it always moves my first grid marker. A real pain in the ass because i have to move it while playing live.

    I realize its a long post and a bit unique of a situation, but has anyone had issues in traktor after switching hard drives?

    Btw my root directory, sample directory, itunes directory (though not being used) are all in the system drive which has not changed.

    Thanks for the advice in advance

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    You shouldn't have to reanalyze anything. You need to export the collection to a nml file but don't carry the actual tracks, just the data. You should with very little problems be able to switch drives. You have to tell traktor where the new files exists, so you have to do a consistency check and then relocate.

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    Sorry i don't know the solution to your problem but along the same lines, I have had issues with the new traktor pro 2 analyzing my tracks when i load them and doing a sloppy job at it. I often have to trash the current beatgrid and click auto. Only then does it do a better job. What's up with that?

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