Need help. Getting static/feedback from Mixtrack pro
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    Default Need help. Getting static/feedback from Mixtrack pro

    Hello everyone. Been having an issue. I'm getting feedback through the speakers
    Even after buying a new amp and new RCA to 1/4 cables. Wierd thing is is that when I hooked up my iPhone directly to the amp it sounded way better. Louder and no static. I hooked up my iPhone using a headphone jack to RCA connector.

    Another thing I noticed was that when the 1/4 jacks from the mixtrack pro and the RCA from my iPhone were all plugged into the amp there was almost no static, the iPhone music sounded great, but I could only get minimal sound from the mixtrack pro.

    Any ideas?
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    Probably because RCAs are unbalanced, try using XLR cables

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    I found the issue. For some strange reason the laptop I had running virtual dj was causing the interference. I switched to a different laptop today and no more feedback.

    I just don't understand why the laptop was causing the static!?!

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    When you say feedback do you mean ground loop? Most likely the power supply of the laptop. Ground loop isolators are really cheap and should be in everyone's bag for this eventuality.
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    After researching what ground loop is ( thank you Wikipedia) I can say that is probably what it was.

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