Traktor s4 will not work with my pc, pls help!
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    Unhappy Traktor s4 will not work with my pc, pls help!

    Okay, so i have had my traktor s4 for quite some time now and it skips almost every other 5 seconds. nothing huge but you can just here a little skip or it seems like a lag spike happens when a song is playing. i have tryed dropping my latency and changing most of my preference settings to the lowest rate and it still has the problem. than when i run the traktor diagnostic test it tells me ""audio performance problems detected. this is most likely caused by your computer configuration.this computer is most likely not suitable for realtime audio."" Is there anything i can reconfigure? or any type of drivers i can download for this to stop? i just want this thing to work properly and would really appreciate any type of insight. thank you for your time.

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    No one has answered your questions yet because they have been answered many times. So to help you out I will point you in the general direction of the info you need, but you will need to go find the information.

    At the Native Instruments forum there is a sticky about optimizing your laptop for realtime audio.
    At the top of this thread there is a sticky about how one user set his up.
    The DJTT blog has several articles on latency, dual booting, etc.
    Searching the forums will provide more info.

    BTW raising the latency, not lowering, can help; but you need to optimize your laptop first. Then set latency at the lowest you can and have no pops or crackles.

    I was suprised that I had to do so many things to get my laptop playing nice with Traktor, sound card, etc. when I first started. It is just the way it is unfortunately.

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