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    Default music folders/playlists

    How do you sort your music for when your djing?

    standard genre? or do you go warm up/peaktime ?

    Im thinking of an 'A' 'b' 'c' and 'new' 'old' folders. sort of rank the tracks.

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    My system is simple. Year>Month>Genre. Been doing this since 2003. Works a charm for me. I've recently set up genre specific smart playlists in iTunes so that when I'm in Traktor I can find tunes based on the month they were downloaded or simply search by genre.
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    dont know if the year and month thing would be my cup of tea! must look into smart playlists..

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    my folders are basically like this

    genre>[if any sub folder it would be like remix companys for example: xmix or ultimix in the hip hop folder]

    and I have a Unsorted/New folder

    I going to soon change up my folders to

    Genre>BPM Range [example: 80-90 BPM, 90-100 BPM, ect.]

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