Digital caste system?
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    Default Digital caste system?

    I went to a show the other night at the Hasting Street Ballroom in Detroit, it was pretty great! I was able to get into the booth, and talk to the guy who was running the show. We talked shop, but he game me a "oh you only play two tracks at once?" kind of look when I told him that I use traktor. I know that the ableton workflow is powerful and innovative, but even if you could argue that it is better than traktor, does that mean that you should feel like you're better than any other digital dj? I haven't seen these kinds of cliques online, has anyone else ever experienced this?

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    I'd say it was more a case of him being a 'virtuoso snob' in a field where most people are paid just to play good music, rather than him having been born into a family of higher status than you.

    You could always play one more track at a time than him. But why? He sounds like a nob.

    I have never ever ever heard a punter (you know, a normal person) slag a DJ off for 'only playing two tracks at a time'.
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    There are different levels of snobbery. Online, you won't find nearly as much of that because the people who generally come here to improve themselves and find a sense of community with other tech minded folk, aren't idiots. You get some, but they generally are in the "overworld" if you will.

    There's going to be snobs for everything, and DJing and music is a collective of sorts, because you do need to have somewhat of an ego to push yourself successfully. And it attracts attention, women, and party favors. So you get a lot of people who think their shit doesn't stink.

    Don't worry about it. If someone's not willing to have a realistic tech conversation with you, then don't bother with them. If they are, you just made a new friend.

    It's all about connections in this industry, but there's some people you just don't want to affiliate with. People with their heads so far up their assholes that they can't see, hear, or do anything except pleasure themselves are the people not worth dealing with. I've met some talented guys (locally) who I wouldn't help call a cab. Because they are that much of a prick, not only to other professionals (or hopeful professionals) in the field, but their audiences as well.

    Don't worry about it man, a lot of people are fucking wankers in the music industry :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Culture_Shock View Post
    I haven't seen these kinds of cliques online, has anyone else ever experienced this?
    Wanna experience it?

    Tell someone you use the sync button.

    Tell someone you DJ with controllers

    Tell someone you don't use a mac

    Tell someone you pirate music

    Any of the above will suffice in revealing their respective cliques.

    Why on earth would anyone want to be a DJ? Highly criticized and judged for the tools they use, and the way they use them... with no apparent regard for the finished product... a house that has been rocked!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassline Brine View Post
    Don't worry about it man, a lot of people are fucking wankers in the music industry :P

    killing your set, and showing people a good time is all that matters

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    I use the sync button, guess I'm not a DJ

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    meh... I laugh at anyone that thinks they are, just because they DON'T use it.

    sync button FTW!!

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    How come every thread in the past week has fallen into posts about sync?
    Mods, can we block the word so I can't be posted?
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    Seems like he didn't know what he was talking about. Only two tracks?
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