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    Default Help with DAW hardware

    Hey guys,

    I've decided to invest in some hardware for production (I use Fruity Loops). I wanted an easy to use, jack-of-all trades type hardware. I found two items that fit my budget and look pretty good:

    Novation Impulse 25
    M-Audio Axiom 25

    I looked at them side by side and they look EXACTLY the same... loving the fact that both have drum pads and knobs, as well as a small screen.

    In terms of build, I've heard that the Impulse has cheapish feeling knobs. Not sure if its true or not.

    I really can't decide, but I'm leaning more towards the Impulse 25. If anyone can help me with deciding, or suggest alternatives, it would help me greatly in deciding. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Novation's Automap features are said to be very good. Worth factoring into your decision.

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