To all those circuit board saavy people... help!
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    Default To all those circuit board saavy people... help!

    Ok, so last night I was play a house party and all was well. I may have had a little bit to much to drink . I packed all my stuff up and at some point my x session pro received a little to much pressure from something smashing it in my car.

    Needless to say, my xsp is not working... I plugged it in today, thinking hmm let play around with some new songs. Plugged in my xsp and the computer told me in its wonderful little bubble "USB device can not be recognized". Then it went away and came up again, as if a little gremlin was inside the xsp with a toggle switch to the usb out put (the power stays consistent). Also I noticed that one of my sliders was slightly bent. I switch the usb port, the cord, still no go.

    So I got very curious and opened up the unit (hidden little screws!). Right away I noticed a slight crack at the left topish corner. Its on the circuit strip (what ever thats actually called). So (after the long book of how), is it possible to bypass this crack with wire and not have to throw $100 away?
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    Yeah that should probably fix it. Though there is a chance that if it was stressed enough to break the PCB that it has fractured some of the solder joints.
    Just use a knife to gentle scratch away the green solder mask from the copper around the break and solder a small length of wire to join it up. If you want upload a pic of the crack if your not confident about where to solder.

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    damn yea that sucks dude that almost happend to me i had a little to much to drink left the dj table to piss i come back someone spilled tequilla and coke on my xsp and my laptop.

    They were lucky I was plastered and could careless about anything. If i was sober i would probley be in jail lol

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    Ok, so I was looking around before you (midifidler) responded and everyone through Google search and a co-worker of mine, says the same. So, last night I decided to give it a try. I by no means have a super steady hand and I've only solder thing several times. Scraped of the top green layer over the track and may have scraped off a little... little to the right of it (were talking mili if not micrometers). Solder it up and plugged it in.

    My computer loves me soooo much that it says "USB surge detected"!!!!! Ah! But I've had this problem before with the digital TT I made with a mouse. So I didn’t freak and throw the board out the window. I was looking around on the front (brown side) and noticed that there were wire bridges going to the outside of the board. I assume that’s the ground. SO... lol ... what I think happened was I got a little solder... micros... on the out side of the track which is the ground... or maybe not.

    I'm at work or I would send a pic. I figure I will de-solder the area and start over. Hopefully this does it. At this rate the xsp will combust and turn to a demon, taking my soul! lol.

    @ djxsquizet

    I have had similar problems... not with spills but with the button pushers! I went to pee and came back and there was no music. I look at my set up and there is one of my friends with this dumb face on their head. Shrugging over and over. I use an oxy8 and he said "I just press that one key, I thought it would make music". He loaded a new track to the current deck... but I don't have auto play... so it went dead. I was drunk, so I just said "dude its cool" and pressed play. I happened to like that next song.
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