Setting up beatgrids traktor pro
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    Default Setting up beatgrids traktor pro

    Hey Guys

    I just tried to set up some beatgrids in Traktor Pro but i have a problem. When i change the bmp to set a marker to a downbeat it works. I know it's normal the grid won't be correct for the rest of the track and you have to change it a couple of times, for excample after 1 minute and at the end of the track. But when i change the grid at like 1 minute, the whole grid moves (also at the place were i set my first grid) and i can start all over again. How can I set up the beatgrid in different places and keep it in point?



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    Please use the Search function.

    This has been done to death here. There are videos on beatgrids, and TONS of threads on beat grids. I am locking this thread. If you have concerns with beatgrids after you have tried them please post your issues.
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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