If I could have my own custom controller it would have...
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    Default If I could have my own custom controller it would have...

    So whenever I look for new gear, I always end up thinking things like "Oh I really like this ONE feature about this one", "I wish this had the feature of that other one", and the most common one "If this was with this, it would be perfect".

    So, here's what my controller would be/have, if I could have anything in the world...

    Firstly, it would come with custom software unique to this one controller which would consist of:
    Traktor's effects banks and interface, GUI, tempo sync/master/auto functions, remix decks, sample decks, clock (just a lot of Traktor features, I <3 Traktor)
    Deckadance's relooper
    Rekordbox's playlist interface
    Serato's scratching

    Then the controller itself would have:

    4 deck mixer
    6 "insta-fex", like on the pioneer djm-2000, built into the mixer (separate from the effects of the software)
    Full controller of absolutely everything the software has without having to switch to a different mode
    4, 4" by 2" LED screens, one to show the waveform/song info of each deck
    One 6" by 4" Led screen showing all the wave forms and song info
    Needle drop
    A 2" jog wheel for each effect controlling the wet/dry
    2, 4 x 4 grid of multi-color buttons for samples, cues, instant gratification effects, etc.
    4 9" motorized jog wheels that also have the LED displays of the cdj 2000/900 at the middle
    Independent EQ for each channel and master EQ if you want to control all of the EQs at once
    The ability to switch between isolator EQ and regular
    Slip mode from the CDJ-900
    Auto Loops from the CDJ-900
    Pioneer start/stop/cue buttons
    Dedicated booth out
    DJM 1000 outputs/inputs
    Built in adjustable arm like on Gator Cases (http://www.gatorcases.com/p/123101-4...ur-ns6-arm1-pl)
    Every part is replaceable (with exceptions of course, I wouldn't go replacing an LED screen if I didn't have to, but that's just me)
    Matte black finish

    I'm sure it would be massive, but it would be heaven. Haha. I probably even missed some features that I would want, I'll add them as I remember them.

    Maybe I'll photoshop a picture sometime.

    What's YOUR perfect piece of gear?

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    hi i coukd help you make your dream controller. i am in the process too to make my own controller due to same reason as yours and shipping any to my place takes about 40$ . absolut nonsense.
    i have contact some suppliers here for some samples of microcontrollers . will have to write my own code but it wont be a big task.
    Some electronic gurus are here on our forums .

    check this

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    my dream controller:

    Mixer section
    - 4 channels, 3 band EQ with gain key and filter knobs
    - full EQ kill buttons on all channels
    - high res up faders
    - quality x fader, maybe innofader
    - 4 VU meters

    - 4 FX banks with 3 knobs and 3 buttons each
    - 4 large knobs(like the big ones on the X1) for dry/wet
    - 4 buttons for each bank to assign decks
    - 2 4x4 rgb button banks for instant grat/samples etc
    - 2 rows of 4 buttons for hot cues
    - 4 pairs of knobs for looping

    - 1 large knob for track browsing
    - 4 buttons for loading tracks to each deck
    - play/pause

    - 4 high res pitch faders
    - 4 pairs of pitch bend buttons
    - 4 pairs of beat jump buttons

    - built in audio 6
    - aux input assignable to the 4th deck with full 3 band EQ and filter
    - booth and master out

    I think I covered everything. Might just have to draw this up.......
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