First gig, feedback for newbies
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    Default First gig, feedback for newbies

    Hi people !

    So I just wanted to post a little feedback from my first set in a bar yesterday, as I think it can be interesting for people who don't want to do the same mistake...

    So, what happened ?

    First, the place : A bar managed by student, for student. Average age : 20-23. It's small, cheap, and people are not here for the music, but just to hang out with friends. I had the opportunity to go there a few times before but I never really paid attention to the music. Anyway when I talk to the team who managed the bar about being a DJ for a few month and already have done some private birthday parties they ask me if I wanted to mix there : SURE ! haha :P

    So the bar is open from 6pm to 10pm. 4 hours set...

    In my previous parties I usually let the host manage the music how he wants, then wait until 11pm when everybody is pumped and a little drunk and drop my sounds : worked pretty well, I had fun and the people danced ^^ ...

    So there it was different : I had to managed 4 hours. I watch at my little collection : 10+ hours of music, perfect. Had some rock/pop music for early hours and will switch to top40/progressive later... sounds like a good plan to me...

    So I started at 6pm, few people on the dancefloor times to times (the dancefloor is full when you have 30 people, with few I mean less than 10)... Then around 8pm I started to increase the bpm and went into more energetic stuff... Dancefloor empty... I started to stress a bit, 8:30 still empty, I go for the more known song I have... still empty.. I try every different style I have in my collection and then I realise why I was in trouble : I only had pop/house (like top40) or progressive house in my bag... LAME ! People were clearly not reacting to the music I was playing and I couldn't change anything...

    At 9pm I had used all my "hot" songs, had nothing else to go with... Crash and burn... The resident DJ was in the bar and I knew he had his laptop with him. I asked him to help me, the guy is really cool : connected his laptop, quickly switch the S4 (I was like : "sh***********t !!!!!!") and he quickly choose a song : Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego (yeah, I know...)

    In 10 seconds there was 4 girls dancing... in 25 seconds 3 guys joined them, in 50 seconds the dancefloor was full (30 people, but still... full... lol) and about 1 minute after he started, a girl said to us : "omg I love this song thank you so much !!"....

    He continued with this kind of stuff for 10 minutes, then switch to something more clubish, and for the last 40 minutes he played exactly the style I played before, and the people danced like crazy...

    Lesson learned.

    They asked me to come back in 2 weeks because they saw I was technically on spot but I just didn't have the right stuff to pump the dancefloor... can't wait to try again

    So I know the music I described here is going the make the "purists" sick, but I only wanted to share my experience : Now I know that if I'm going to mix in that kind of place, I will have to expand my music collection in order to be ready for anything... My goal is not to do that kind of parties all the time, but it's every experience is good at the begining... ^^

    See ya !!

    PS : Thx DJTT for this amasing website / forum and sorry for my english: not a native speaker

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    "Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego " Oh man, i'm sorry, for the song, and for what happens.
    Well, good luck for the next now you know what to do
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