newbie wiring question .... QSC speakers with pioneer controler
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    Default newbie wiring question .... QSC speakers with pioneer controler

    hello guys i am new here and will have lots of questions for you all ,,, thanks very much in advance for ur help...

    Background info ---- I am not a professional DJ nor Am i in a Band , I do not Do any gigs or stuff like that , I like to have have house partys in my basement rec room bar area and i use my system for camping partys too , love big sound thats all ....

    Gear - pioneer ddj ergo controler , 2 qsc k12's , 1 qsc kw181 sub ....

    I have been running my pioneer ddj ergo with 2 k12's , the output on the ddj ergo is 1/4 trs , so i have 2 1/4inc cables coming out of my ddj ergo into each k12 , now i just bought a qsc kw181 and not sure how to tie it in to my system ? do i run to my k12's first from mixer or to the sub first and since its only one sub with 2 k12's how do i wire it all in ? i confused ......

    thanks guys .............


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    Just take the xlr line out of the k12s and plug them in to the line in's on your kw181s. Then set the LF switch on the k12s to ext sub and youll be set.

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