Traktor files in ableton???
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    Default Traktor files in ableton???

    This may be a really stupid question but I can't work it out. Any help would be much appreciated?

    When I have put my mp3's through traktor and they have been analysed I am unable to play them through ableton. I get an error message saying that it's not recognised!?

    Any help on how I can rectify this?



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    Interesting, I have to check this out. Traktor writes custom id3 tags into the MP3 files, those should not cause problems with Ableton Live unless they have a buggy id3 tag reader implementation.

    Anyway, this is simple to test. Take a plain MP3 file, check it works in Ableton Live, then import to Traktor, while doing various edits and so on try to play it in Ableton Live until you find the case where the MP3 file is not recognized any longer.

    PS: I assume you have latest Traktor and Ableton Live versions.

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    are you definitely selecting the original mp3 or are you selecting some additional file traktor created?

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    When I use original mp3 it works fine. Only problem is alot of my music has now gone through traktor and I only have less than half backed up as untouched by traktor on a separate hard drive. I'm guessing it does not double up your files as ableton does when u run it through.
    I currently use traktor 2 but my ableton is a little older is ableton 6.

    Will give the process mentioned a go but was hoping there was a quicker way of resolving it. Gonna take a long time to change back :-(

    Thanks for your help

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    I have the same problem myself. It does the same in ableton 8 for me, and 6.

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    Default oh its great

    I'm new here , nice thread!

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