Flying with your Controller
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    Default Flying with your Controller

    I'll be travelling a bit with my setup this summer, and I'm curious if anyone out there has any advice to offer on travelling with a controller. Right now I'm using the S4 with the Mono/DJTT S4 Kontroller Bag. Can I take the complete setup on the plane without checking it?

    Also, how would it be categorized in terms of luggage allowance. I'm planning travelling light with just my S4 Bag, and a small rolling carryon. I know it's not the usual DJTT thread, just hoping someone here could help.
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    Yea you would be fine, i know most airlines allow you to have 2 carry ons, one to put in the overhead, and one to put on the seat in front of you. Just check your airline for size restrictions. Enjoy!
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    I do it all the time. No problem at all. I fly with my s2 in a mono bag all over the US and it works fines. I literally fly every week cause of my job.

    Just pull it out like a laptop at security, in its own bin.

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    I fly with a VCI-100 often and have never even taken out of the bag except once when the curious TSA person wanted to know what it was. Every other time they just ignored it, even with the midifighter in the bag too looking like some kind of complex detonator....
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    Couple times I have travled with my APC and most recently my CNTLR the TSA has made me pull it out and they x-rayed them separately, just like they do laptops. Other then that i have never had any problems, granted ive only flown with gear 3 times..
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    I have flown all over the world with controllers. Just my X1's and my Audio 8 now, but used to be with my big Xone 1D's. Its never been an issue. As long as its the size allowed by carryon luggage your fine. I never even have to pull them out of the bag, just my laptop thats it, there have been times in customs they asked to see them, but its rare now.

    Good luck.
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