Scratching with VCI-400 EGE & Serato DJ Intro
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    Default Scratching with VCI-400 EGE & Serato DJ Intro

    Hello everyone,

    I came upon setting up my VCI-400 EGE. I read that a firmware update was the first thing I needed to do, so I did that. I then loaded up DJ intro, and everything seemed to look and work fine.

    Except one major flaw, I couldn't seem to scratch with the jog wheels. Even with 'vinyl' mode turned on, all I hear when I rock the jog wheels back and forth is the pitch sound going up and down.

    Does anyone know why I can't seem to scratch normally on my A & B decks? I find it very odd, and is this also a problem with Traktor and the VCI-400 as well?

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    I'm afraid that the EGE firmware renders the VCI's jogs useless in Serato Intro (from what I remember reading), since it is customized with Traktor in mind.

    You should read up on this dedicated VCI 400 support section of the DJTT forum:

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