Hey guys!

I wanted to share my experience about something. I've been using CD players in the past (numark), it's a really cool solutions concerning the feel and size of the gear, but it's a pain in the ass to burn all those CD's and in particular to print all the CD's tracklist. Plus if you want any sort of effects and cool creative options, you need to spend a lot of cash on Pioneer or Denon gear...

This is why I switched to Traktor, and it is really a great solution! I'm having more and more outside gigs, and it starts to be a problem... In most clubs, there is no space at all for a VCI + a computer, because club owners don't want to move their CDJ's. Plus people (at least in France) still consider that good DJ's play on CDJ. Plus the feel of playing on CDJ is really great...

So I was looking for a cool way to take advantage of this. Traktor Scratch Pro would have been cool, but paying an extra 500 , when I had already paid 100 for Traktor + 300 for a decent soundcard was just not fair.

I then started to burn CD's again. But it really sucks, because you have to think of a different organization and always burn new ones (I use playlists a lot, and I have tones of tracks in different playlists, so I had the risk of burning multiple time tracks). The other thing is that I got really used to the system where you can browse your collection through different critirias (like key, rating,...)

And I found a really simple solution this morning....
I'm keeping my playlists, and I'm burning all my tracks simply by chronological order. Like that, every time I have 10 tracks worth being played out I burn a new CD.
Then the trick I found this morning is to use the Album Sort in the iTunes Sort menu. I Rename each CD playlist in the album sort category with the name of my CD. Like that I can simply browse in my iTunes collection (like I would in Traktor), find my track, and find on which CD it is burned with the Album sort info!

The only down point of this technique is that I still need to take the macbook + the CDs at the gig.... But I can play with the CDJs! (of course if the decks aren't Pioneer I would still be taking my VCI)

Hopes this helps some of you!