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    Quote Originally Posted by AtgAni View Post
    What's best and why?
    Since no one has bothered to list some of the gross generalizations....

    Active systems are easier to setup and run "out of the box." Active systems tend to have presets that are "in the ballpark" of something that sounds good. Most manufacturers charge a premium for active systems, so the relative value is less than with passive. Active systems are more expensive to expand, because the electronics are purchased in each box...double the boxes, double the cost of the electronics. If one active speaker fails, the rest can be reasonably expected to continue working (depending on exactly what failed....of course )

    Passive systems take more effort (but not necessarily more time) to setup and run "out of the box." The mixing and matching of components makes the initial tuning for good sound more important. Passive systems are less expensive to expand, as the electronics can handle a LOT of speakers, so the incremental cost is limited to the cabinets, cables, and stands. Passive systems offer additional flexibility and control of the sound when compared to active speakers. If one component of a passive system fails, it can stop the whole system (depending on exactly what failed... )

    In terms of generalized recommendations....

    If your "final" system will be two speakers on sticks (with or without subs)...then active is probably the best choice. Buy however many you need, plus one (as a backup).

    If your "final" system will be more than four tops and more than four subs,...then passive is probably the best choice. Buy enough extra processing gear and cabinets so that any one thing can fail and the show can still go on.

    If your "final" system is in between...then the best choice is somewhere between.
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    Well I've found some m1 520's locally for 120 so I'm gonna go get them today, then start looking around for amp, sub and speakers.
    Is there anyway to use a sub with the 520's? Like plug them in to the 1/4" output and a small cheap active sub plugged into the RCA outputs of my s4? Just as a stopgap

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