Need help for choice of DJ equipment (complete beginner)
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    Default Need help for choice of DJ equipment (complete beginner)

    I am completely new to DJing, but it is something i would like to get into. All i own is one laptop and Trakor pro 2 software. I saved up enough money to have a budget of 300-400 (or 385-485 euros, or $483-453). Recently i was looking for controllers so I could practice live performing and was looking at the Kontrol S4, but the price drove me away (and may have been too professional for me, whos just a beginner). As i was looking at trakor tutorials, (mainly ones by ean golden) i noticed that he was using a Midi fighter (almost solely), and I decided to look further into it. Soon i learnt about the wide range of Midi fighters. I liked them because they seemed simple and easy to use and fitted into my budget. I was looking at the midi fighter classic, but noticed the lack of knobs or faders. Then I saw that the Pro models had faders and knobs, and so could introduce me to a fuller and wider range of DJing earlier, instead of buying a classic and realizing all the options are not available for me, should I just go straight to the pro. If you have any suggestions it would be great if you could tell me.

    Other Questions
    Is the midi fighter pro good for live performance on its own? (even just for the smallest gigs)
    What other controllers could you recommend instead that will introduce a beginner to a wide-a range as possible.
    How would a midi fighter be better or worse than any other controller?

    The bottom line is that I would like a controller that I could use as a beginner (and is good on its own), but could keep on using if I decide to take DJing to a higher level, instead of it becoming useless when I get better and buy more equipment., and still go within my price bracket.

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    These questions have been asked numerous times so please search the forum forum for answers. A a side benefit while doing so you will learn much more than if people just answered your question.
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