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    Hi all, This year i've been doing a GCSE Design & Technology project based around a case for a Kontrol S4 (or smaller controller). For my write-up I need a couple of short statements from potential buyers about it, so if you could say something constructive i'd be really grateful!

    It is made of 1.5mm steel with a wooden lining with storage space. The lid is made of acrylic and slides back to allow access to the controller and act as a laptop stand. The lining has a small section at the front to allow for headphone routing, and the entire rear panel is removed to allow for cable-routing. Also, it would be possible to create inserts to fit smaller controllers, in case you don't have an S4.

    Headphone hole

    Cable routing

    Misc. storage space

    Toggle latches to hold the lid closed

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    I teach GCSE and have to say well done on creating a case.. it looks good the problem you would have with this design from a buyers POV thou is the fact it will only work on a large surface. There is no way you could take it anywhere other then your house which brings in the facts : Your gear is safest in your house (not needing a case) and you only need a case to carry your gear and protect it when playing in a club/party....normally you have no space to set up a controller so smaller is better
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    Yeah when i designed it i rather overestimated the average available space, but oh well, it's another evaluation point :P

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