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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassline Brine View Post
    If you can afford them, something like the KRK's would be great.

    Personally I use a computer speaker setup. And while it's not as perfectly crisp as some of the better systems I've heard, it's honestly pretty decent. It can also output a huge amount of sound if I need it to, and having the sub is nice for a lot of the bass-heavy music I play. Something to think about at least.

    If you're not focusing on production, I'd say it's an affordable alternative to nice monitors. If you are doing production, that's a whole different game.
    I can co-sign on what Brine is saying here... lots of bang for the buck with computer speakers. I had some logitech speakers that sounded great and had a sub too.

    If you go with smaller monitor speakers with 5" cones they just don't move enough air without a sub.

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    Honestly it really depends on how you're mixing as well I think. I spend much more of my time listening in my HDJ-2000's than I do to any external source at home, and that's just how I've gotten used to it. A combination of having to play quietly at times late at night, and done a couple little house parties without a proper monitor. Mixing is almost all in the cans, and then I take them off to adjust as needed.

    So for "in the bedroom" sound, I don't really need a perfectly crisp sound, as long as it covers all of the frequencies I want to a decent degree. I'm also someone who likes a muddy system with a sub over a perfectly crisp system with no bass, so go figure.

    I bought my Logitech 5.1 surround sound system in 2003. And it is still killing it. Not many pieces of technology that I've had last this long
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    Quote Originally Posted by mostapha View Post
    I'm not insulting or attacking you, but where are all these hifi systems that people keep talking about…the ones that cost around $300 for stereo or around $500 to $600 with a sub and don't sound like crap?

    Just about every hifi I've heard has sounded like utter crap compared to half-decent bookshelf/desktop monitors unless it involved names like ESS, Acoustic Research, and Bob Carver. I'm sure there are others, but are there speakers out there that actually sound better than half-decent budget monitors, even if you're looking for pleasing instead of accurate? 'cuz the ones I've heard all sound like muddy, un-defined, staticy crap.
    I didin't say you could get good speakers and a sub for $600. I said that if you have $600 you'd be better off buying a hifi system (seperates) rather than buying active monitors. This is partly due to the fact that the advantages of active monitors only really come into play when money is no longer a real issue (have a look on for detailed explanations of this).

    My recomendation would probably be to get a nicam amp and some second hand B&W speakers.

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