Used Cartridges.
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    Default Used Cartridges.

    Yet another noob question, but I was thinking of buying some used cartridges off ebay. Is it a wise thing to do, and if so, is there anything to be on the look out for before buying?

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    Don't. Just buy new, you don't know how damaged the needle might be, and photos alone will not be enough of an indicator of whether or not they are good. Save yourself the hassle, and potentially buying twice, and just buy them new.
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    I would stay away from it unless it was someone you knew.
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    You would most likely need to replace the needle on a used cart. What you also need to be careful of is the headshell pins, these need looking after too! Oxidisation can crap them up proper, aswell as the springs going in the headshell pins / the heashell connection pins being snapped. Its all too easy to do! I almost broke my M44g's putting those tiny little goddamn wires on.

    If tou want cheap, get some stanton 520's. They run for 60 a pair.
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