Cant get sound to work after installing FL studio
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    Default Cant get sound to work after installing FL studio

    Ok so I bought and installed FL studio. Now my sound doesnt work for Youtube or any video games or movies. Like i can hear backround music but no voices. Or if i do hear voices they are really low.

    I have a PC run windows 7

    Things i have tried:
    Uninstalling FL studio
    Reinstalling flash
    Updating drivers
    Changing settings in mixer.
    Changinging volume control.
    Going to a system restore point.
    Going back to default settings

    I really need help with this as I have a project due for a class in a week and it uses ableton/ fl studio
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    have you tried buying a mac? but in all honesty I have no idea, wish I could help but when I was running FL studio on my old lappy I had no problems.
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    Is it maybe the sample rates set to different values for your sound card?
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