What do you think the Traktor/Maschine integration will bring to the table?
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    Default What do you think the Traktor/Maschine integration will bring to the table?

    It's cool to see what can come up from everyone's creative imaginations. What would you want from Traktor and Maschine paired together? Right now it seems like this integration isn't as necessary, with Traktor 2.5's Remix Decks you can load it with any Maschine samples or loops that you make before hand. None the less I'm sure everyone here has some great ideas.

    I feel like there's so many possibilities but i'd want NI to aim for simplicity. Everyone saw what happened with the Bridge, tons of possibilities but it was hurt by the complexity of the setup, big learning curve if you've never used Ableton, and pretty processor intensive.

    It's hard to decide what would be the best setup for the integration. If you have both programs running at the same time then you have to keep swapping between windows (like now, if you have things midi synced). Having Maschine open as a deck in Traktor is another possibility (sort of like the clip view in Serato) but again Traktor's window is pretty full as is, adding some Maschine info to it would only clutter things up more.

    I think it'd be cool if Maschine could have beatgrids similar to Traktor so that when you drag and drop a song from Maschine into Traktor it's all ready to go. Being able to add all the relevant tag information in Maschine would be nice too. It'd be cool if Maschine had access to your Traktor library and let you chop things or add different drums.

    What do you guys want?

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    Maschine and Traktor have been pretty much completely integrated since Maschine got full MIDI capabilities in like 1.2. I'm not really sure what screen sharing would do for you, or why on earth you would ever have a need to look at Maschine's screen in any performance setup.

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