Promoting my mixes on facebook, any help or tips?
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    Default Promoting my mixes on facebook, any help or tips?

    Hey guys,

    Was just wondering if you guys have had any experience of promoting your music with face book and if you have any tips on doing so ?

    Ive posted a long chain mail to all my friends on facebook with a link to my mix asking what they thought, but I figured how annoying it is when your entered into a mass conversation on facebook, Ive been there and they can be quite annoying.

    Ofcourse you could simply exit the conversation but people still find it annoying.

    So Id like to hear some of your thoughts on that guys?


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    i just post them on my wall, in forums etc.
    you canīt force anyone to listen to a mix but once you have decent base of people listening, loving and sharing them your mixes will become a fast-selling item, but also keep in mind with the growth of more and more djīs putting mixes up there itīs getting harder and harder to get listeners.
    keep your promotion on a level that doesnīt get annoying. i never do chainmails, since itīs purely annoying and i never read em.
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