TRAKTOR - any way to view files by filename instead of ID3 tags?
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    Default TRAKTOR - any way to view files by filename instead of ID3 tags?

    so basically, I'm using traktor for DJing and I already have all of my file names perfectly formatted… it would be really a hassle to go back through and have to edit all of the ID3 information for each song file, when the file name is already perfectly formatted to my liking... does anybody have a solution for this? thanks guys!

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    Not sure if there is a way to do it in Traktor, hopefully someone else will be able to give you a definite answer. However there is a quick way to sort your id3 tags in one go. The software MP3Tag has a function that can take your file names and add them to your tags.

    Say your file name was....
    01 Dave Clarke - Thunder - Red - 1995.mp3

    In MP3tag you could use the file to tag function with something like %Track% %Artist% - %Title% - %Label% - %Year% This would basically populate the tags in the % brackets for you.

    If your lucky and you have got all your filenames formatted the same, there is a possibility you could do everything in one go.

    However I suggest you practice an make sure its doing what you expect before attacking all your tracks

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    MP3Tag is the way to go. Everyone needs it.
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    MediaMonkey can extract tags from the filename automatically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch View Post
    MP3Tag is the way to go. Everyone needs it.
    this ^^... BTW, I have MP3Tag wrapped in Wine so that it can be used on a Mac. (It works well enough) PM me if you need it and I will send you a download link.

    Now, I use Parallels on my Mac just for the ability to run MP3Tag.

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