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    I want to buy a keyboard for production but I do not know which one to choose.Can you tell me which is best and what you have to say for Alesis q25.My budget is 100-150 €.I prefer Ableton and Logic for production

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    2 things.

    1 - you get what you pay for.

    2 - Use this thought process…IMHO, it works best.

    1. Start by thinking about what you want (in this case, knobs, pads, LCDs, how many keys, weighted/semi-weighted/unweighted, action, auto-mapping for controls if it has them, hardware arpeggiators, build quality, pitchbend/mod wheels/joysticks, etc.)
    2. start looking for products that have what you want: make a list.
    3. See if you can go play with them in a store that has them set up in a way that lets you see if they match your expectations (this step is usually pretty hard)
    4. see what sacrifices you're willing to make to fit it in your budget. (this step is even harder)
    5. buy the best compromise.

    I think that works for basically anything.

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