It's 140 bpm not 70 Traktor. Tap button fix.
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    Default It's 140 bpm not 70 Traktor. Tap button fix.

    I have been experiencing issues with traktor not recognizing the bpm when its clearly 140. I'm irritated with the fact that almost every 140bpm song comes in at 70 bpm. But in hind sight i have found the quickest beatgrid fix is to tap that wonderful "Tap" button to the beat and it usually clears up the beatgrid mess. My question is when using the tap function does it use technology to line up it up better then my taps, but using my taps as a kinda push in the right direction. And what button works best for you when using tap, i currently just use my tack pad "click""probably not a good idea" If anybody could shine some light on this i will be yo new best friend. "im always talking when i should be listening"

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    Or hit the x2 button on the grid layout.
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    Just hit the x2 button in the advanced beatgrid window and it will double it. No tapping required.

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    Not sure why nobody has told you about the x2 button, but I'm positive that's the answer.

    You could also set the minimum in preferences to something higher than 70 and that should force Traktor to make them 140.
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