Would it be possible to use a NanoKontrol and NanoPad as DJ controllers?
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    Default Would it be possible to use a NanoKontrol and NanoPad as DJ controllers?

    Hey guys, Been reading these forums for a few weeks and loving this site. This is my first Post.

    Since a good dj controller runs $400+, Im thinking of getting a NanoKontrol to use for faders/fx/eq settings. Then getting a NanoPad for cues and samples.

    There are some foreseable problems though. I dont know if I could headphone beatmatch. maybe some special external sound card?

    As for jogwheels, I guess i could just assign some NanoKontrol knobs for scratching/tempo.

    any input would be helpful as I know next to nothing about DJ'ing.

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    indeed it would be possible! headphone cueing would be taken care of by whichever external soundcard you invest in.

    and you don't necessarily need jogwheels, depending on how you mix and what you plan to do.

    another thing to consider is that neither of those controllers have a cross-fader. but you could mix with volume faders from the nanocontrol, or assing one of those to the crossfader. hell you might even be able to assign the x-axis of the xy pad on the nanopad to be a cross-fader.

    what software do you use?

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    I just got Tractor Scratch pro and Fruity Loops right now. Thinking of getting Ableton. I'm wanting to do some straight up DJ'ing, as well as mixing my own songs. What's a good soundcard for playing clubs that also allows headphone cueing?

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    I've been really happy with my Audio8 (8 ins, 8 outs) but I use 4 decks when I mix, so if you're only planning to go with two decks at once, an Audio4 would do you nicely. I can really only speak to the NI products, as my last external soundcard was a Maya44 USB, which worked really well for MsPinky and worked well enough with Traktor when I recently had to use it as a backup. Headphone cueing was kind of complicated with that one, though.

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    Read the stickies on the thread your posting on before posting please.

    Moving from Controller/DIY forum -> General forum

    For soundcard advice read the FAQ in the general forum which asnwers this question and many more you might have http://www.djtechtools.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3545

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    If you are mixing internally (without a DJ mixer) then you don't need an Audio8. You can do it all on an Audio4 and just use one stereo pair as a master out. If you are mixing externally on four decks then yes, you need the Audio8.

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    Im not sure if your referring to equalizing highs,mid and lows. But I was planning on setting some knobs on the nanokontrol for that. Are you thinking Ill need another piece of equipment?

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    The nanokontrol and nanopad combo is very lucrative, if I had realized the potential and had been less worried about people thinking I wasn't a real dj without a legit expensive device I would've done those. You can use a mouse for moving thru tracks just fine, in fact sometimes faster than a jogwheel for long jumps. That combo is definitely the way to go for djs who dont have a lot and are just beginning, even though it could probably offer enough controls to accomodate most djs, and this is without even switching scenes (which is unadvantageous (that is to have to switch), but still nice).

    Ed. Also size is amazing, take your stuff everywhere. and use em for production too as they both are laid out nicely for DAWs

    At 120 you can't beat any midi controller on the market, the only comparable thing I can think of is the UC-33e
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    Thanks for all the help guys. I just ordered both from guitarcenter and can't wait till they come in the mail. Guess I should start practicing my beatmatching!

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    i feel like the controls on the nano are too small to actually get satisfied djing with them day by day. i would rather use them as an extension to my setup than as a controller alone. at the end this is your opinion matters so i suggest you test them and send them back if youre not satisfied.

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