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    Hey guys, new here.

    I'm a college kid who has loved EDM and DnB and that sort of music for the past 3 or 4 years and I really want to get into DJ'ing. I've been fooling around with the stuff I already have, but really want to make it more than just a side hobby and maybe get some gigs or something of that sort. Since I'm in a college town, getting gigs for friend's parties and moving up won't be too hard once I have the right stuff. I'm working this summer and since I'll be raking in the dough, I'm wondering what I'll need to hit it big.

    What I've got so far:

    Traktor Pro 2
    Kontrol X1

    I'm thinking about getting the S2, but I'm really not sure about that still.
    I need some suggestions on what I should start off buying, controller and speaker wise.

    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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    S2 would probably be very beneficial to your setup.

    Also headphones?

    Speakerwise, there are heaps of threads in here about good cheap speakers, but i suggest getting 2 powered (or passive if you want an amp as well) and then a sub or 2 as well as some lights.
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    Right now I'm using these
    I know they are gaming headphones, but they are really not to shabby for the price. If you have something to recommend, I'm all ears.
    I really do like Traktor and the S2 would be great, but it is kinda costly. I've been recommended the Numark Mixtrack Pro before, which route do you think I should go?

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