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    I travel internationally regularly, and I use the UDG 21" trolley backpack. It's excellent and fits everything I need. I sold my S4 cos it was to big to travel. I don't get any issues with it at all. The only issue is taking out the gear for customs every time. I think it would fit most gear except the S4, NS6 and VCI400. Check it out.

    So Far I have inside:

    Kontrol S2 + Deacksaver
    Kontrol X1 + X1 Bag
    MBP 15"
    Sennheiser HD 25's
    Audio 2
    Crane Stand
    All cables.
    Back up CD's,
    2 USB's
    Mini maglight
    Mags (For travel)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Paris View Post
    id suggest an x1 an audio2 and a small laptop for this kind of trip. vci100 as well as s2 are way to big and heavy.
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    I travelled around for a year with an x1, a nanokontrol and an audio 2. Got a couple of gigs too. Fit in a medium sized backpack with my laptop

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    Why not just a Xone:K2 and a laptop? Should be all you need if you do internal mixing.
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    Yeah MacBook air and a k2 would be the way of go.

    When's that behringer modular gear comin out? There was a nice little thing in there too thatd be good for travel
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    I book DJs for my residency and I also have a profile on (which among other things says that I DJ ). Last summer I got contacted by a guy from Austria travelled around europe backpacking and playing whatever venues he could along the way. By coincidence I had an open day so he came and stayed on my coach for the weekend and played. He said he had done so for over one month, in the beginning it was hard, but then he found out that DJs often knew DJs "in the next town", so when he got a gig in one town, he could get a gig in the next town by reference. (I helped him with a place in the next town where I've played). In his backpack he had a PC, a Hercules (i think this was the name, smaller than my VCI-100), and some CDs with MP3 that he used on my Pioneer DJ800 players. He was perhaps not the best technical DJ, but he was OK at mixing skills and the manager at my club liked to have "something else" for the weekend. Got a postcards from him from his hometown three months later, guess he had survived on the road.

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