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    Default Ipad + Ableton + Traktor

    Check out this video

    I'm looking for ways to integrate my ipad into my dj setup, i bought it for that purpose, but i have never used it as a Dj item ever since. That video made me wanna do it, this guy mixes a 125bpm to a 180bpm just using some ableton reverb.

    So what i need help with is:

    What app should i get for ipad? I got lemur and touchOSC.
    How to route audio from ableton into traktor? I don't actually want to play my music from ableton, i don't know how to dj with it.

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    video has been posted already some time ago

    with lemur and touchosc you have more than enough to start with. just search for template that fit your style or (even better) make your own. i made myself a small all in one lemur template to dj with traktor and a MF.

    regarding routing audio: http://blog.dubspot.com/traktor-to-a...o-route-audio/
    or google there are some good tutorials out there.
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    There are plenty of threads regarding routing traktor audio into live (same principle applies in reverse) and a blog post about it.
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