Good news for Remix decks: New sample bpm detection
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    Default Good news for Remix decks: New sample bpm detection

    After traktors latest on the record session I asked Keir for some further clarification on the remix decks and got some good news. Here's the Q+A.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keir @ NI
    Hey there,

    OK, I hope the following helps:

    As you've assumed, the Offset and Nudge features on the F1 will adjust the sample's Beat Grid. If you don't have an F1, you'll need to adjust the Beat Grid in a Track Deck since Nudge is not available in the Remix Deck GUI. If you've got an S4, it is possible to use the Jog Wheel to adjust the Beat Grid of a sample using the Edit mode.

    However, if these are professional samples which are cut correctly, you may be better off just reanalyzing them again with TRAKTOR 2.5. We have implemented a "heuristic" beat detection method for shorter samples (less than 20 seconds, I think) where we don't analyze the audio data at all and simply look at the length of the file to determine the BPM. If a file is 2 seconds long, then the heuristic method will assume a 4-beat loop at 120 BPM. If the sample is 4 seconds long, it will be an 8-beat loop at 120 BPM. The Beat Grid will be set exactly at the start, too, after the reanalysis.

    I hope that helps.

    Best from Berlin,

    Quote Originally Posted by dej47
    Hey Keir just wanted some further clarification on one of the answers posted in the On the Record. It came from post #11. Chad mentioned that the Remix deck has all the same functions as a normal track deck meaning that it's possible to drop floating cue's and loops. Will it be possible adjust the beatgrid for samples without having to drop them in a track deck?

    For example i've got a bunch of loop masters sample packs where the synth loops don't sync properly in the sample decks. Adjusting the BPM to an exact value (125 BPM rather then 124.87) for the all the samples sometimes fixes it but in the case of synths the beat grid is a tad off so it either falls out of sync of launches off sync.

    So will beatgrid adjustment be possible from the sample decks? Is this where nudge and offset would be handy?

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    Oops it left out my question. Basically I asked if it would be possible to adjust the beatgrid of a sample from the sample deck rather then a track deck. And I also asked about loopmasters sample packs. This new heuristic detection will improve beat grid placement for short loops/samples that you'd find in loopmasters content.

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