What to buy? X1/twitch/SL25
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    Default What to buy? X1/twitch/SL25

    Okay, currently I'm using a Stanton SCS.3 System with Traktor Pro but I'm looking to upgrade due to certain nuances I have with the controller.

    I could either purchase the Novation SL25 or the X1 now, and use them in conjunction with the SCS.3 System, or I could sell the system and purchase the Twitch.

    Novation Twitch
    Pros: All in one, wouldn't have to map much and I love the look of it.
    Cons: Would have to sell my stantons.

    155 (on offer)
    Pros: Can do what I want it to do.
    Cons: But not much else.

    150 (2nd hand)
    Pros: Lots of mapping possibilities.
    Cons: I could be mapping for a long time.
    (with this I was thinking I could set the Stantons up in unison as a 4 deck mixer.

    Oh, and basically my gripe with the SCS.3 is the lack of tactile control and how you have to swap between modes all of the time.


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    I think I'm going to go for the SL25 and if I like that setup I'll pick up an audio 2 sometime. Can anyone whos had experience with the SL25 and the X1, tell me if this is a good choice or not

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    I've got experience with the SCS3, and I'll say this, I regret selling it. Such a powerful, fun tool. Definitely a keeper IMO.

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    Atm I'm just finding that it doesn't work in the way I want it to, it might be my limited mapping skills though.

    The way I want it to turn out is that so the two 3d's control the EQ's, faders and filters of the two track decks, while the SL25 controls the effects, and deck controls of those too. While the 3m controls the sample decks EQ's faders and filters and the keyboard drum pads control the sample decks.

    Will take more thought to see if I can work it all out though.

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    X1, I have never looked back.

    Such a versatile and well built controller! My only criticism is that the 'stand' case seems flimsy and could have better materials selection in its design construction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gribble View Post
    X1, I have never looked back.
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