Where to buy older "classics"... electronically?
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    Default Where to buy older "classics"... electronically?

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for places online that sell electronic versions of older tunes/classics. I'm on about stuff from the 90's -

    • Acid house / rave / Hacienda/Shelly's type stuff from early 90s
    • Classic trance from 1996 - 2001 (Gatecrasher, Cream etc.)

    I have a lot of the stuff on vinyl but the quality of ripping it is not great. Ideally, I'm looking for 320kbs +

    Its possible to find some stuff on Beatport but thats the more commercial stuff, the rarer tunes are not there.

    Anyone looked into this type of music before, any ideas on where to find it, if it actually exists?
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    To give you an idea of some of the music I am looking for, here's a list of 90's trance I'd like to complete....

    Ame Rej 2005
    Aphex Twin Didgeridoo 1992
    Atlantic Ocean Waterfalls 1993
    Balil Parasight 1993
    Banco De Gaia Heliopolis 1993
    Beanfield Tides (Carl Craig mix) 2004
    Binary Finary 1998 1998
    Chicane Offshore 1996
    Choice Acid Eiffel
    Commander Tom Are Am Eye? 1995
    Cybernaut Hydroponix 1997
    Cybordelics Adventures of Dama 1993
    Dance 2 Trance We Came in Peace 1990
    Datura Yerba Del Diablo 1992
    DJ Tiesto Suburban Train 2001
    Efdemin Lohn & Brot 2007
    Etnica Moon Influence 1996
    Gabriel Ananda Ihre Persönliche Glücksmelodie 2005
    Hallucinogen LSD 1994
    Hardfloor Acperience 1 1992
    Humate & Rabbit In The Moon East (Opium Den Mix) 1995
    Hybrid Symphony 1997
    Infected Mushroom Mush Mushi
    Jam and Spoon Stella 1992
    Jam and Spoon Follow Me
    Jam and Spoon Odyssey To Anyoona
    James Holden Nothing (93 Returning mix) 2003
    Leftfield Phat Planet 1999
    LSG Netherworld 1997
    LSG Hearts 1994
    Metal Master Spectrum 1992
    Orbital Halcyon On & On 1993
    Orbital Belfast 1992
    Paul Van Dyk For an Angel 1994
    PHD Summer Storm (Leisure Lounge Edit) 1994
    Phobia Phobia (DJ Hell mix) 1991
    Push Strange World 2001
    Rabbit In The Moon Out Of Body Experience (Phase One First Contact) 1994
    Roland Appel Dark Soldier 2007
    Salt Tank Eugina 1996
    The MFA The Difference it Makes 2004
    The PQM You Are Sleeping (Luke Chable Vocal mix) 2004
    The Thrillseekers Synaesthesia 1999
    Three Drives Greece 2000 1997
    Underworld Dark Train 1994
    Union Jack Red Herring 1995
    Yahel Voyage 2000
    030 Midnight in Europe
    4 Strings Diving (Cosmic Gate mix)
    4Voice Eternal Spirit 1992
    808 State Colony 1992
    Above and Beyond No One on Earth (Gabriel and Dresden mix) 2004
    Accessive Rhythm Activate
    AFX VBS.Redlof.B
    Agnelli & Nelson El Nino 1998
    Agnelli & Nelson Everyday
    Airscape L'Esperanza
    Airwave Alone in the Dark 2000
    Airwave Escape From Nowhere
    Airwave & Markus Schulz Angelica 2006
    Albion Air
    Alex Smoke Chica Wappa (Mejor edit) 2005
    Alibi Eternity 2000
    Alici Silver Clouds In A Yellow Sky
    Allure When She Left 1998
    Alphazone Rockin 2003
    Ambush Ambush 2
    Andain Summer Calling 2002
    Andain Beautiful Things 2003
    Andy Ling Fixation
    Apoptygma Berserk Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten mix)
    Aril Brikha Winter 2007
    Armin Van Buuren Blue Fear 1996
    Armin Van Buuren Communicate
    Arpeggiators Discover Your Innerself 1993
    Arrakis The Spice
    Art of Trance Madagascar (Cygnus X mix) 1998
    Art of Trance Octopus 1994
    Art of Trance The Colours (Indigo mix) 1993
    Art of Trance Deeper Than Deep 1993
    Art of Trance Easter Island (Cygnus X mix)
    Ascension Someone (Slacker's Rolling mix) 1998
    Astral Projection Aurora Borealis 2000
    Astral Projection Mahadeva 1996
    Astral Projection Dancing Galaxy 1997
    Astral Projection Aqua Line Spirit
    ATB 9 PM (Till I Come) 1998
    ATB Don't Stop
    Atlantis Fiji (Cequenza mix) 1998
    Aura Energy Transpose
    Ayla Ayla 1996
    Aztec Mystic Night of the Jaguar 1999
    Ballroom 4AM (Marc O'Tool Remix)
    Banco De Gaia Last Train to Lhasa 1995
    Baracoa Delirio (Venus Mix)
    Barbarella My Name is Barbarella 1992
    BBE Seven Days and One Week
    Bedrock Heaven Scent 1999
    Berlin Inc Berlin (Peace Mix)
    Bille Ray Martin Honey (Chicane club mix) 1999
    Blank and Jones Nightclubbing 2001
    Blank and Jones Watching the Waves 2002
    Blank and Jones Electric Circus 2001
    Blank and Jones Cream
    Blaze My Beat (Ambassador Remix) 2002
    Blue Alphabet Cybertrance
    Blue Minds Aquapunch (3 In One Mix)
    Blue Planet Corporation Alidate 1999
    Blue Planet Corporation Crystal 1999
    Booka Shade Mandarine Girl 2005
    Brainbug Rain
    Breeder Tyrantanic (Slacker's Kingdom Come Mix)
    BT Flaming June 1997
    BT Godspeed
    BT Dreaming (Lucid mix)
    BT Mercury and Solace
    Cabala Dark Blue 1999
    Carlos The Silmarillia
    Cascade Transcend
    Cass & Slide Perception (Vocal Mix)
    Catcher Destiny Sunrise 2003
    Caucasuss Our Dream 1994
    Caunos Herzsprung 1 1993
    Cherry Bomb Eclipse 1994
    Chicane Salt Water 1999
    Chicane Lost You Somewhere 1998
    Chicane Don't Give Up
    Chicane Sunstroke
    Chiller Twist Stringz Ultd (Shelley Mix)
    Chimera Hypnotising 2002
    Circuit Transport Of Love 1994
    Clanger Seadog 1994
    Claude Vonstroke Who's Afraid of Detroit? 2006
    Claude Vonstroke Who's Afraid of Detroit? 2006
    Cloud 69 Sixty Nine Ways
    Coast 2 Coast ft Discovery Home
    Coca + Villa La noche
    Commander Tom Attention! 2004
    Cortex Thrill Deep Infinity
    Cosmic Baby Fantasia (Airplay) 1994
    Cosmic Baby Space Track
    Cosmic Gate Exploration of Space
    Cydonia Haunted World 1999
    Cydonia Cactus 1999
    Cygnus X Superstring 1994
    Cygnus X The Orange Theme 1994
    Cygnus X Positron 1993
    Da Hool Meet Her at the Love Parade
    Dance 2 Trance Power of American Natives
    Dance 2 Trance Take a Freefall
    Darude Sandstorm 1999
    Dawnseekers Gothic Dream (Jon Johnson Remix) 2001
    De Niro Mind of Man
    Deep Dish Say Hello 2005
    Demonic Emotions Stuck on a Space Trip
    Der Dritte Raum Hale Bopp
    Digital Express The Club
    Dirt Devils The Drill
    Dirty Vegas Days Go By
    DJ Misjah & DJ Tim Access 1995
    DJ Taucher Atlantis (Phase 3) 1998
    DJ Tiesto Dallas 4 PM 2001
    DJ Tiesto Theme From Norejfell
    DJ Yanny Initialize
    DnTel (This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt remix) 2002
    Dominic Plaza Sounds Rushing (David West mix) 2005
    Dove Beat La Palorma 1998
    Drax Limited 2 Amphetamine
    Drum Club Sound System (Underworld Mix) 1995
    Dynamic Maniax Calling Middle Earth
    Efdemin Bergwein 2007
    Effective Force Diamond Bullet 1992
    Electrique Boutique Revelation
    Emmanuel Top Acid Phase
    Energy 52 Cafe Del Mar (Three N' One mix) 1998
    Etnica Spheric Concept 1996
    Evolution Phoenix
    Evolution Phoenix
    Extrawelt Soopertrack 2005
    Faithless Insomnia 1996
    Faithless God is a DJ
    Fascinated Totally Fascinated 2004
    Fathers of Sound Water
    Ferry Corsten Punk 2002
    Filterheadz Yimanya 2004
    Fluke Zion
    Flutlicht Icarus (The Flight)
    Fragma Toca's Miracle 2000
    Free Radical Surreal (En Motion Remix) 2001
    Fridge Paradise
    Future Sound of London Papua New Guinea 1991
    Gabriel & Dresden Arcadia
    Genlog Airwalk 1995
    Goldenscan Sunrise (DJ Tiesto mix) 1999
    Gouryella Gouryella 1998
    Gouryella Walhalla
    Gouryella Ligaya
    Gouryella Tenshi
    Groovezone I Love the Music 1998
    Gus Gus Purple (Sasha vs The Light mix) 1998
    Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber Sea of Sand 2007
    Gypsy I Trance You 1998
    Hardfloor Lost in the Silver Box 1993
    Heartthrob Baby Kate 2006
    Hi Gate Pitchin'
    Humate Love Simulation (Paul van Dyk's Love mix) 1993
    Jam & Spoon Find Me (Odyssey to Anooya) 1993
    James Holden Horizons 1999
    James Holden A Break in the Clouds 2002
    James Holden One For You (Avus One For Heads mix) 2001
    James Holden I Have Put Out The Light 2002
    James Holden vs Ben Pound Kaern Turned
    Jan Johnson Flesh (Tiesto mix)
    Jen Loops and Tings
    Jericho Personal Reflexion
    Johnny Shaker Pearl River 1997
    Joker Jam Innocence 2001
    Jon the Dentist Global Phases
    Jonas Steur Castamara 2005
    Jones & Stephenson Gummiringe 1998
    Josh Wink Higher State of Consciousness

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    Juno A Force Beyond 1995
    Juno Reactor Samurai 1994
    Juno Reactor Samurai 1994
    Juno Reactor Feel the Universe (Kox Box mix) 1994
    Juno Reactor Pistolero (Man With no Name mix)
    Jurgen Paape Mit Dir 2002
    Kaito Soul of Heart 2004
    Kamaya Painters Wasteland (DJ Hitchhiker mix) 2000
    Kamaya Painters Summerbreeze 2000
    Kaycee Escape
    Kernkraft 400 Zombie Nation
    Kuffdam Summerdream
    Kyau vs Albert Velvet Morning 2003
    Lange I believe (DJ Tandu mix) 1999
    Lazy Fat People Club Silencio 2007
    Leama Requiem For a Dream 2003
    Legend B Lost in Love 1993
    Libra Presents Taylor Anomaly Calling Your Name 1995
    Lightforce Take Your Time
    Lightforce Join me
    Lio Rapture
    LN Movement Golden Desert 2000
    Lord of Tranz Sanctificum
    Lost Tribe Gamemaster 1997
    Lost Tribe Angel 1997
    LSG Train of Thought 1.2
    LSG Into Deep
    LSG I'm Not Existing
    Lucid I Can't Help Myself
    Lustral Everytime
    M.I.K.E. Sunrise at Palamos 2000
    Man With No Name Silicon Trip 1996
    Man With No Name Teleport
    Marc Vision Time Gate (Original Mix) 1999
    Marco V Simulated
    Marmion Schoneburg (Man with No Name mix) 1994
    Mash Up Liberation (Ferry Corsten Remix)
    Mauro Picotto Komodo
    Mauro Picotto Proximus
    Max Graham Airtight 2001
    Max Graham Airtight 2001
    Mekka Diamondback
    Mesh Purple Haze
    Micah Grammer Lesson
    Mike Koglin The Silence
    Minilogue Elephant's Parade 2007
    Minimalistix Close Cover
    Miro Paradise
    Moby Go 1992
    Moby Porcelain 1999
    Mono Culture Free
    Moogwai Viola (Armin Van Buuren mix) 2001
    Moonbeam Sunshine 2007
    Moonstruck Lunar Outbreak 1998
    Morgan King I'm Free
    Motorcycle As The Rush Comes 2003
    Nalin & Kane Beachball 1996
    Nalin & Kane Open Your Eyes 2000
    Nathan Fake The Sky was Pink (James Holden mix) 2005
    Nathan Fake Outhouse 2004
    Neum Meet You At the Milk Bar
    Nikola Gala Swing 2 Harmony
    Oceanlab Clear Blue Water 2001
    Odysee of Noises Circe 1991
    Odyssee of Noises Troya 1993
    Oliver Klein Rheinkraft (Ian Wilkie remix) 2001
    Oliver Lieb Subraumstimulation
    Pantha Du Prince Walden 2006
    Paragliders Paraglide 1993
    Paragliders Oasis 1995
    Paragliders Bagdad (Humate mix)
    Partial Arts Trauermusik 2007
    Patrick Chardronnet Eve By Day (Ripperton mix) 2006
    Paul Van Dyk Words 1997
    Paul Van Dyk Columbia (PvD mix) 1999
    Paul Van Dyk My World 1994
    Paul van Dyk Reflections 2003
    Paul Van Dyk Connected
    Paul Van Dyk Nothing But You
    Perpetuous Dreamer Future Funland
    Petter These Days 2004
    Petter All Together 2004
    Plummet Damaged
    Pob Boiler (Humate mix) 1998
    Pole Folder Apollo Vibes 2001
    PPK Resurrection 2001
    Psychic TV Infinite Beat
    Pulser Cloudwalking 1999
    Push Universal Nation 1999
    Push The Legacy
    Push Till We Meet Again
    Quench Dreams 1993
    Quivver She Does
    Quivver Space Manoevres part 3
    Ramin Brainticket 1993
    Rank 1 Beats at Rank 1 dot com
    Rapid Eye Circa Forever 2002
    Refekt ft Deline Bass Need to Feel loved (Thrillseekers mix) 2004
    Resistance D Cosmic Love 1991
    Ridgewalkers Find (Andy Moor mix)
    Riva Stringer 2001
    Robert Gitelman Things 2 Say (Push mix)
    Robert Miles Children 1996
    Ronald Klinkenberg Inner Laugh (James Holden mix) 2004
    Rui Da Silva Touch Me 2001
    Sander Kleinenberg Sacred (Sunrise Mix)
    Sash! Encore Une Fois
    Sasha Xpander 1999
    Sasha Belfunk
    Sasha Cloud Cuckoo (Luke Chable mix) 2004
    Sasha Wavy Gravy
    Schiller Das Glockenspiel (Humate mix) 1998
    Sensient File Not Found 2003
    Shakta Lepton Head III 1996
    Shakta Silicon Trip 1997
    Signum Solar Level 1999
    Slacker Looky Thing (Daisy)
    Society London Spqr
    Solar Stone Seven Cities 1999
    Solar Stone Solarcoaster
    Solid Globe North Pole 2003
    Solid Globe Sahara
    Solid Sessions Janeiro
    Space Manoeuvres Stage 1
    Space Manoevres Quadrant 4
    Spicelab Amorph 1992
    Spoiled and Zigo More and More
    Starecase Faith (Loafer mix) 2002
    Stefan Goldmann Sleepy Hollow 2006
    Steve Morley Reincarnations
    Storm Storm
    Sunflower Cold Turkey
    Super8 Alba
    Sven Vath Ritual of Life (The Spicelab mix)
    Synergy Hello Strings
    T Scanner Trip To Heaven
    Tastexperience Tantrix
    Tastexperience Summersault
    Technique Sun is Shining (Mash Up Matt mix) 1999
    Tekara Breathe in You 1997
    Telepopmusik Breathe
    The Age of Love Age of Love (Jam & Spoon's Watch out for Stella mix) 1992
    The Ambush Sun
    The Dream Traveller Time
    The Field Over the Ice 2006
    The Green Martian Industry 2001
    The Light Expand The Room 1997
    The Quest C Sharp 1999
    The Roc Project Never (Tiësto vs Filterheadz Remix)
    The Swimmer Purple Cloud
    The Visions of Shiva How Much Can You Take? (Physical) 1993
    The Visions of Shiva Perfect Day 1992
    The Voyager Back on Earth
    Three Drives Air Traffic 2003
    Three Drives Sunset on Ibiza
    Ticon We Are the Mammoth Hunters 2001
    Tiesto Sparkles
    Tiesto Flight 643
    Tiesto & Junkie XL Obsession
    Tilt The World Doesn't Know
    Tilt Vs Paul Van Dyk Rendezvous 1997
    Tim Deluxe Choose Something like a Star
    Tin Tin Out Strings for Yasmin (Matt Darey mix)
    Tomaz vs Filterheadz Sunshine 2002
    Tranquility Base Surrender 2004
    Transa Supernova
    Transa Enervate
    Ultraviolet Kites (Fantasy Flite Part 1) 1995
    Underworld Born Slippy (NUXX) 1995
    Underworld Two Months Off 2002
    Underworld Dinosaur Adventure 3D
    Underworld Cowgirl
    Underworld Thing in a Book 1992
    Union Jack Two Full Moons and a Trout (Caspar Pound mix) 1993
    Union Jack Cactus
    Utah Saints Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb mix)
    VDM No Hesitation
    Vector 7 Air of Love 2002
    Veracocha Carte Blanche 1998
    Vernon Wonderer 1993
    Voodoo & Serano Blood is Pumping
    Warrior (ft Imogen Bailey) If You Want Me
    Way Out West Mindcircus (Gabriel and Dresden mix) 2001
    Way Out West The Gift 1995
    West & Storm Porpoise
    White Room White Room
    William Orbit Water from a Wine Leaf (Xylem Flow mix) 1992
    William Orbit Barber's Adagio for Strings 1999
    World Clique Don't Do It
    X Cabs Neuro 1995
    X Tracks Plan 94 (The Voyage) 1994
    Y Traxx Mysteryland 1999
    Yahel Going Up (trance mix) 1999
    Yahel Waves of Sound
    York The Reachers of Civilization 1999
    Zyon No fate (No Fate edit) 1992

    The Orb Little Fluffy Clouds 1991
    808 State Pacific State 1989
    Orbital Chime 1990
    Layo & Bushwacka! Love Story 2002
    Ulrich Schnauss Kneuddelmaus
    Force Legato System 1989
    DJ Hooligan Hear You Now Cass & Mangan) 2002
    Felix da Housecat Watching Cars Go By 2005
    Orbital One Perfect Sunrise
    Ian Van Dahl Castles in the Sky
    POS Remember 2003
    Paul Van Dyk Forbidden Fruit
    The Horrorist One Night in New York City
    Sander Kleinenberg The Fruit 2004
    Dark Suite Dark Sweet Piano 2002
    Pulp Victim The World 1998
    Rank 1 Airwave
    Delerium ft Sarah Machlachlan Silence (Tiesto mix) 2000
    Benny Benassi Satisfaction 2003
    Alice Deejay Better Off Alone 1998
    Planet Perfecto Bullet in the Gun
    Ferry Corsten Rock Your Body Rock 2003
    Delerium After All (Svenson & Gielson mix) 2004
    Aquagen Summer is Calling
    Oakenfold Southern Sun (Tiesto mix)
    4 Strings Sunrise
    Tenth Planet Ghosts
    System F Out of the Blue
    Kamaya Painters Endless Wave 2000
    Oceanlab Satellite
    White Room Someday
    Adam White Ballerina
    System F Indian Summer
    Johan Kivi Clouds
    Orson W Ilse
    *Minimalistix Struggle for Pleasure

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    If you have them on vinyl the best bet is to rip them. Or maybe look for CDs that have the tracks on then you can rip a decent digital copy of the track from the cd?

    What's the issues with ripping? What are your main issues there? Maybe getting help with that will be better for you?

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    The issue with ripping from vinyl are - time, quality, reliability.

    It takes a great amount of effort to rip a vinyl track to a very high quality. Even then, i find that it is not always reliable (i'm talking Traktor beatgrids, loops etc.)

    If I could find a good quality mp3 version of the full track (release, not a rip) then I am happy to spend money on it.

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    I'd check out compilations from Itunes... like http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sta...l./id473901023 has some of what you're looking for. When you buy the compilation the songs are much cheaper than 99c. I've heard the quality is equal to 320kbps so they should be fine for DJ'ing, though I don't know from experience.

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    I've had fairly good results using the new iTunes Match feature in iTunes.

    Pay £20 for a years subscription.
    Upload all your vinyl rips & dodgy old low bit rate mp3s to the cloud.
    See how many of them the iTunes store finds matches for.
    Download 256 kbps AAC's of the ones it matches.

    I've managed to match / upgrade enough tunes to make it worthwhile.

    Also, if you've ever downloaded any tunes from Serato's whitelabel.net website. I've had quite good results matching the 32kbps audio files that play in iTunes. (High quality version's only play in Itch or SSL). So i've been able to replace these with good quality AAC's.


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    problem is most of the labels no longer release tracks so you can't ask them directly... But I have had some luck on djdownload with 2000ish nu school breaks and hard trance, I don't really like trance from that era so never looked, but the seem to have the the oldest catalogue with some gems, but most releases were vinyl only in those days and no one thought to rip them until they had noticably degraded.
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    there's a decent matchup between that list of tunes and my old vinyl collection too i've just been buying tracks on mp3 that i have on vinyl when i see them. one i just can't find *anywhere* is "Odyssey To Anyoona" that i see u have too. may be worth buying some 2nd hand cd compilations on ebay or something if u can find unmixed ones?

    the "iTunes Match" match feature sounds cheap... surely someone could just find illegal rips of tunes, upload those to itunes match and then download a legal copy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zestoi View Post
    there's a decent matchup between that list of tunes and my old vinyl collection too i've just been buying tracks on mp3 that i have on vinyl when i see them. one i just can't find *anywhere* is "Odyssey To Anyoona" that i see u have too. may be worth buying some 2nd hand cd compilations on ebay or something if u can find unmixed ones?

    the "iTunes Match" match feature sounds cheap... surely someone could just find illegal rips of tunes, upload those to itunes match and then download a legal copy?
    What an absolute tune! I noticed Nick Warren has been closing his sets with it again recently, 18 yrs after its release! I think that list also contains the cheesy vocal version, please ignore that.

    Just noticed another on too...please forgive me for including Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone on a list of 'classics'!

    The dance music from the 90's was unbelievably good. Its quite sad that it was around before the digital music explosion although the other side of that is it helps it keep that fresh, underground feel that i relate so much to the 90's.
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