Any suggestions on new setup?
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    Default Any suggestions on new setup?

    Guys, I'm having troubles deciding what my future setup will be. I hope I can find here someone who will understand my points of view, and based on those, have some info on new gear out there, to share. To keep things short, let's just say I have VCI-100 and no soundcard, so it's time to go shopping, and if you don't care what experiences I had so far, skip to last line.

    Now when it comes to controllers, I believe VCI-100 deserves every reward and acknowledgement out there. Sturdy, strong, robust, unbreakable, probably even bulletproof, while light, mobile, shiny and sexy with most precise controls I've ever seen. If only it was a bit bigger, it would look so much more "pro".

    That said, I'll point out some controllers I've been disappointed with, and would like you not to even mention in this thread: Hercules DJ controller (lol), Numark NS7, pretty much everything from Behringer (including mixers and CD players), and PCDJ DAC-3 Audio Controller. These here mentioned, are not DJ's tools. Those are toys, that I've been (un)fortunate to work with, and would not suggest even for starting practice in privacy of your home. If you catch my drift so far, feel free to point me in directions you think might make sense, and keep in mind that I've never really had a proffesional soundcard, but I would love to buy one. I'm not sure if Audio2 is OK or not. Forums buzz about choppy sound that can be fixed with larger buffer – but I'm affraid that might mean more delay, right?

    Here are some options I had in mind when it comes to controllers. Since I miss my old MK5 couple, buying them again and use with NI Traktor Scratch Pro is an option, that sets our buget to roughly 1500€ (in my country). But feels like I can get more for same money.

    Some CD players that would work with NI TS pro? I would sweat alot less with having CD on stand-by while counting on Windows not to freeze or w/e else they do more regulary then staying stable. People sware on Pioneer CDJ800 up to CDJ2000. But Pioneer's designs are... well.. They don't pour any confidence. Look like damn toys, they do! Besides, the cheapest models in their line almost matches SL-DZ12000, and I just love everything ever signed by Technics. Although, there's been alot of complaints on this device. Apparently it brakes after awhile, gets confused somethimes during scratching and lets out some random distorsions, get's stuck and won't let go of CD ??..??..?? I don't know if I want to believe all this nonsense. Technics doesn't feel like brand that would have half-finished "beta" product out on the market for so long. Anything else in this type of setup I should be lokin into?

    If I should decide to stick with "Windows only" setup, and look for another controller to complement my VCI100, wha'cha think it shoud be. I'd love a couple of EKS Otus Raws – if someone can confirm that I can assign their knobs to i.e. effects, because I would use external mixer. NI controllers can't possibly be better then Vestax, but I don't know much about them, so I can't really say.

    To sum it all up, I'm looking for a decent, simple but reliable soundcard, and (a combination of) controller(s) that's acutally built for man to handle. The bigger, the heavier, the better! Bare in mind that latest NI's "Software + Controller + Soundcard" package sounds tempting, but ain't available in my country (atm).

    P.S. Has anyone how tried if twin VCI100 system would work with (4 dex ofc) Traktor?
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