TSI for TSPro and VCI-100?
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    Default TSI for TSPro and VCI-100?

    I'm scheduled to get my VCI-100 and Traktor Scratch Pro tomorrow and because I'd like to use it at my gig Saturday I am wondering if anyone can offer up any advice for a good .tsi file for my use.

    I've never used Traktor or a VCI-100. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

    Please help me out!



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    Youve never used it and you want to use it for a gig on saturday !! tomorrow ?? Gosh how brave TSPRO maybe if your using timecode and external mixer only, but i seem to remember when i first got my VCI i was a bit confused over the whole thing, not knowing what did what and how. Not only that youve got the whole of traktor to work out to which is still a minefield to me.

    Good luck


    Ps if you do find a decent tsi for using all let me know as its the route if just plunged into
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    Eans .tsi file on the midi map page is pretty decent - http://www.djtechtools.com/midi-map/

    If you really need to use it on such a short messure and you dont yet have an overlay i would just use the standard .tsi file from the vestax website as then your plates will corospond to whats going on in the software. That theres less of a chance you wont get confused in the middle of the gig and make a mistake.

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    Good luck with that. Geez you are keen dude i wasn't confident on our gear even after 2 weeks of jamming! Let us know how it goes with the new gear
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