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    Hi, i am a beginning DJ and i have been having trouble finding the right software for me and my controller. My current controller is the Hercules Rmx. I am currently using the Limited edition of Virtual DJ that came with the controller. I really want to use tracktor pro but i can not because the function of both the controller and software are different. A solution to this problem would be to make a mapping of mine. Can anyone Help me on how to map and what i should know?
    -Thank You

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    This and this

    If you have a few bucks to spare get this

    Search the forums mate, there is a lot of information on the subject.

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    Welcome to DJTT

    Have you checked the mapping section, the NI forums, the Traktor Bible site etc for a mapping?
    There's probably 1 that some1 else has already made that you can edit to suit your needs if it's not quite how you want it already.

    Mapping Traktor is pretty straight forward, there's a few tutorials on the subject in the blog and a mapping section here on the forum if you get stuck.

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    You can't use custom maps under VDJ LE end of story. However you say you want to use Trakor Pro. When you buy the software, you will see that there's already many maps created for this device. Learn how to import the .tsi, and away you go. - a list of ready made .tsi's for the RMX.

    If this doesn't suit you, you'll need to make or customise your own, this is something you really need to learn if you want to be successful, it's just part of controllerism. The links for making your own maps have been posted already by padi.

    Good luck
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